The Power of Positive Energy

So I had an interesting thought today. It's about the book "The Secret." First off, I must confess that I’ve never actually READ the book “The Secret,” but what I’ve been told is the concept of the book is this: that if every fibre of your being and every belief you hold thinks that something will happen in your life, it WILL happen. Your thoughts have the power to influence everything and everyone around you based on the law of attraction – what you send out to the world is what you will attract back. Well, if read my book (once it's out!), you’ll be able to attest that I do indeed subscribe to this kind of thinking – to a point. Life will throw you curve-balls, which is often outside of your control, but how you react and what you do with those curve-balls is up to you. “Life is 20% what happens to you, and 80% what you make of it” -Quote: Me! (Plus lots of other people, I’m sure!).

Why I bring this up is I have “liked” a page on Facebook called SunGazing. I have a few fun things I’ve “liked” so that some positivity comes up on my newsfeed every day. This one is a bit different in one very interesting way. First, let’s go off-track a little bit for a second; I’ll bring it all back together.

You know at the bottom of a news article, how the comment section makes you frustrated with all of humanity and disappointed in our society as a whole? How no one seems to be able to say anything nice, and everyone is arguing, and somehow everything all comes back to name-calling and belittling each other? Yeah. Always uplifting. But here’s what SunGazing does. They seem to have their Facebook account set up so that every hour it automatically posts on all of their videos and pictures in the comment section. The posts always start with “May all beings…” and then it says something positive. May all beings be enlightened. May all beings be safe. May all being be released from suffering. Usually two or three of these posts come out at a time, and replaces the comment feed that shows up on your screen if you are first looking at the picture or video. This reposting under the video or picture seems to re-set the comments that come directly after it. This is how it works. People seem to start out positive in their comments when something it first posted, but then someone says something negative, then everyone starts ganging up on each other and joining in and then it’s all a negative mess. Blah. Sad. But then Sun Gazing comes along and reposts these positive messages, and everyone changes their tune! The old negative messages are “cleared” into the history, and the messages start fresh and positive again. It seems as though the positive vibes and energy coming out from these posts re-sets the negativity.

If you think about this in life, you can start to see this pattern and how far it extends out. Have you ever had a friend or known someone who seems to always have something to complain about? Nothing is ever good enough, and they will tell you every chance they get? Do you find yourself joining in and complaining when you are around them? If so, hey, you’re human! We all do it! Now, have you ever had a friend or known someone who always seems to see the positive in things, and is most often smiling and talking about the good things in life? Do you find yourself joining in on that?

This really can come down to one of my favourite quotes – “Be the change you want to see in the world.” – Ghandi (although the actual words of this quote are suspect, I like its message anyway). If you send out positive messages, and add a spark of happiness to the world and those around you, there really truly can be positive changes that come about as a result. We are easily swayed as humans towards the negative – but with a little push from others towards positive energy, we can also change our tune. This shows how the law of attraction really works – if you send out negativity, it will come back to you, because you are influencing those around you to be negative. If you send out positivity, it will come back to you, because you are influencing those around you to be positive. Think about it!

Just remember that you have the power to be someone else’s positive reset button if they are having a bad day or are stuck in a negative Thought Trap (check out the full book if you are curious what Thought Traps are!). And be sure you’re watching out for anyone who might be influencing YOUR mood negatively on a daily basis. Be a good person. Pick good people. And send out your positive energy into the world – you WILL have an effect! It really is a pretty good Secret, after all.

Keep being your awesome self!


Cheryl M. Bradshaw