Back To Your Roots: Soul Camp

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These retreat weekends are all about getting back in touch with yourself and who you really are, and getting back in touch with nature. Learn to trust yourself, get to know your true self, and have an amazing time while doing it. Campfires and nature walks, mindfulness, workshops, and reflection exercises - your soul camp experience will be one you never forget!*

A few ideas came together as the inspiration for this camp-retreat experience. Here's what we envisioned when we started Back To Your Roots:

More Energy Than a Retreat

Retreats are amazing, but we wanted something a bit higher energy, a bit more fun, and less out-of-reach for the mainstream than some of the exercises that retreats offer. 

More Life-Changing Than a Camp

Camps are amazing, but we wanted something deeper than just a weekend of play - we know you only get so much "me time" - so we want you to get the most out of your weekend that you can for the long-term.

Connection With Nature

We wanted a focus on nature, the outdoors, and to truly "get back to your roots" of your self, your identity, and the world around you.

Mental Wellness Focus

We wanted to help people get in touch with themselves, their lives, their mental health and well-being.

Safe Space for Personal Growth

We wanted a safe space, for women only (or anyone who identifies as female), where soul sisters come together without having to worry about gender dynamics so they can truly focus on themselves. 


We wanted the feel of a "digital detox" but while recognizing that people still have lives they can't completely step away from (and that this is normal!) and that sometimes snapping a picture is a great way to build and keep memories. This is why the weekend will be tech-limited - not tech-free.

See full details at our website,, and hope to see you there!

*These retreats are not considered as treatment for mental health or mental illnesses. Psychotherapy is not a part of these weekends, and Cheryl will not be working as a Registered Psychotherapist during these times. These weekends are focused on wellness, personal exploration, connection, and reflection. Please do not attend a Soul Camp weekend if you are looking for Psychotherapy treatment. There are many wonderful resources for this kind of support - for instance (please be advised this is no an exhaustive list, merely a starting place to explore other options for residential treatment options that are available to you):