Cheryl is available for speaking opportunities on various topics around mental health. She has been a speaker for various sized groups of students ranging from grades 6 up to university/college students, varsity athletes, as well as to groups of professionals and mental health professionals. She has spoken on topics including: 

  • Emotional resilience and vulnerability in leadership
  • How to help support a teen as a parent - Understanding a teen's world
  • Conflict resolution - in business, in personal relationships, for couples, or for families
  • How to help a friend in need - supportive listening and "what to do" in cases of higher risk
  • Self-identity and relationship with the self
  • Body image, self-esteem, and the media
  • Healthy relationships - romantic and friendship
  • Bullying and the power of bystanders
  • Mental health in the classroom and inclusive education strategies
  • Mental health awareness, suicide awareness, and stigma reduction
  • Stress management and coping with anxiety
  • Perfectionism and procrastination
  • Healthy sexuality, consent, and interpersonal safety
  • and many more - topics available upon request!

If you are interested in having Cheryl come to speak at your school, event, or function, please contact her at

Cheryl has spoken at some of the following:

  • Born2Lead Conference
  • Business/Corporate Events and Workshops including IBM
  • Media outlets, including Television, Radio, Magazines, and Newspaper
  • High Schools, Parent Councils, Colleges and Universities
  • Various Community Events

See Cheryl on Calgary's Breakfast Television here, and Global's The Morning Show here.