My Own Journey to Liking Myself

I had a request from a reader who was interested in hearing more about my own journey and about what prompted me to write this book. So here it is! This is going to be a 3 Part story. A trilogy of my little life, I suppose. The first part of the story is about my own Inner Critic Know-it-all (the ICK, for those who know the book!), and how we (the ICK and I) developed our funny little relationship together. While this is the first part of my own story, it actually corresponds with Part 2 of the book, which talks about The Present.

The second part of this story is about how I created a version of myself that I really liked. This covers Part 3 of the book, which talks about The Future and how to find and create yourself.

Lastly, I will touch one how and why I added Part 1 to the book, which discusses the importance of finding peace and understanding with who you are today no matter who that may be.

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